Vozcall is a cloud based phone system that works like a company switchboard. Vozcall allows you to use a single phone number where your customers can reach all of your departments and employees. Calls can be routed based on extension numbers that you determine (e.g. “Press 1 for customer service”. “Dial extension 102 to reach Steve”) and forwarded to any phone in world.

Vozcall provides you with a professional business or personal phone system for a low monthly cost that requires little technical configuration, allowing you to concentrate on your business, instead of worrying about managing your cloud based phone system.

No, there is nothing to download or install. Vozcall is a completely hosted, web based phone system.

In most countries, almost immediately. Some countries have local registration requirements and will provision a number after those registration requirements are met. If a country does have local registration requirements, our support department will be in touch with you, in which case you will likely have to provide proper ID, address verification, business registration numbers, etc.

The easiest way to connect your mobile phone to your new Vozcall account is to download the mobile app for Android or iOS to your phone.

There is a toll-free option during the registration process where you can get a toll-free number. If you decide to get one later, you can do so by going to the Dashboard tab in Vozcall.

Start by creating an account in your primary country, then simply log into Vozcall and go into the Dashboard tab. Here you can provision local numbers in over 40 countries instantly!

If you do not have a virtual number, and you have not activated the anonymous mode, the number of our main server is displayed by default.

You can dial * 1400 for an echo test.

You probably do not have credit or subscription to your Vozcall account to call paid numbers. It is also possible that a security has been placed on your account, and we invite you in this case to contact our support.


Preferences Menu

Accounts tab, then General sub-tab.

Account name: free name
Use for call + IM / Presence: check

User Details
User ID: vozcall username
Domain: secure.vozcall.net
Password: vozcall password
Display name: do not fill
Authorization name: do not fill

Domain Proxy
Register with domain and receive calls: check
Send outbound via: Domain: do not fill

Dial plan: do not change

Codecs tab
In the right-hand column, put G711 uLaw and GSM only

Each Vozcall account can have 3 simultaneous SIP connections. This allows you to permanently connect a phone or PBX IP, a softphone, and an application at minimum.

There are also many devices that we know will work with our service, and others that will not. For more information, see our list of supported IP phones.

Call-quality issues can often be attributed to the speed and performance of your Internet connection. When our customers have consistent, adequate Internet connectivity, audio quality is not usually a problem.

If you’re experiencing degraded VoIP audio, we suggest you first check the performance of your Internet connection. Your ISP usually offers tools to measure whether your connection is robust enough to support VoIP service.

If quality is a concern on calls forwarded to your cell phone, there may be a number of variables at work, from the quality of your cellular connection to the quality of the connection between Vozcall.com and your mobile carrier. Our customer service team has the tools to determine where the issue lies. We ask that you note three specific examples where you experienced lower-quality audio on your cell phone, and then contact Vozcall Customer Service.